1- Install & First Use

In this section you will be guided through your first use of OpenRemote; from controller to tablet or phone.

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2- Integrate Devices

How to work with particular protocols and devices, and integrate them, is explained here step-by-step.

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3- Add Intelligence

After integration and visualization, you can use rules and macro’s to create automation.

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4- Design User Interface

Here you can learn how to visualize the control of your system using online designer.

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5- Deploy User Interface

Your user interface can run on mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Here we explain the options.

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6- eBook

Step by step guide to building a smart home and your personal Internet of Things from Othmar Kyas.

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Community Forum

To share projects, ask questions and join discussion you can visit our community forum.

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Support for Professionals

We offer license models and service level agreements to Certified Integrators & Designers, and OEMs.

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For Developers

In-depth documentation for developers is gathered in this section.

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Different Needs, Tailored Solutions

From a straightforward single account setup to your personal fully branded solution, including back-end services, OpenRemote provides you with the perfect solution.

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Dutch Military Police is now piloting a border control solution, receiving notifications when passenger changes or profile flights require additional staff.

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