Product Specifications

Every product has different specifications and features. We have listed them for you below. As our products are all based on open source, you will regularly see new functionality coming available in all our products, being created by the contributors, even more than in the list below. However, this list is fully tested and released. Other functions can be used but will only be given support to by the community.

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Product SpecificationsOpenRemote Designer 2.5OpenRemote Manager 3.0Licensing 2.5 and 3.0
* = Available Upon RequestOrder NowEnquiryEnquiry
PriceOne offPrice/YearPrice/Year
Accounts # Options1 and up100 and up100 and up
Export / Import Project
Service Levels
Community Access & Support
Consultancy & Support
User Interfaces
Templates & images library for Entertainment, Lighting, Energy, Security
OpenRemote branding iOS, Android, and Webconsole
Company branding Webconsole
Company branding iOS, Android, and Webconsole
OpenRemote Manager
Account management tool
Rules & Notifications service, e-mail, text, voice
Hosting on premise or private virtual server
OpenRemote Designer
OpenRemote branding
Company branding
Hosting uptime
Designer hosting on private virtual server
Designer hosting on premise
Import KNX
Import Velbus
Import Lutron
Import Russound
Import Pronto CCF infrared
Import Z-Wave - automatic command generation
Import EnOcean
Other remote management UI features on request
Additional log analysis / error diagnosis, etc
Local automation Ethernet/Wifi gateway
Remote panel access (VPN)
Automation protocol support standard: 1-wire, X10, Insteon
Automation protocol support Beckhoff
Automation protocol support KNX
Automation protocol support Lutron
Automation protocol support IR
Automation protocol support Z-wave
Automation protocol support Velbus
Automation protocol support EnOcean ESP2/3
Automation protocol support AMX NetLinx controllers
Protocol & Product Support
Protocols & Products supported See overviewSee wiki 3.0See overview
Proprietary Protocols

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