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Please note: OpenRemote Designer 2.5 is not supported anymore. OpenRemote 3.0 will be officially released soon. View the demo at and start working with the new platform at the Developers page

OpenRemote Designer 2.5 consists of three software elements. We will take you through a couple of steps after which you will have the software running, and your first ‘Hello World’ App live. Before going there, we will first explain you the three software elements: the online Designer, the Controller, and the Apps or Panels.

Online Designer

The online OpenRemote Designer, consists of two parts. With the Building Modeler you can configure your system of devices and internet services, you can build macros and write rules to automate your system.

With the UI Designer you can make your own user interface design, either for iOS, Android or Web browser. Uploading your own images will make the App completely match your own style and design.

In Step 1 you will create an account to be able to login to the online Designer.

The Controller

The OpenRemote Controller is the brain of your system. Once you have build your system with the online Designer and synced it with the Controller, your system runs autonomously.

The Controller will connect all your different devices and services. It also runs the automation scripts you have designed. You can either install it locally on any choice of hardware, or at a remote server.

In Step 2 you will install a Controller on the hardware of your choice.

Your App or Panel

If you download the App for iOS or Android, and connect it to your Controller, you will be able to see your user interface as designed yourself in the online Designer.

Via the Apps or by directly connecting to the Controller via a browser, you can see the status of your devices or services as well as control the buttons, switches, sliders, or color pickers.

In Step 3 you will download the App for iOS or Android, before building you first App in Step 4.

Let’s get started!

Now that you have a good idea about what to expect, it is time to begin by heading to Step 1: Create your Designer account

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