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  • Re: Apple IOS 12 – Application crash
    same here. There are two buttons that when pressed the app crashes. I went to the zwave log (my nodes are zwave) and this is what I see: DEBUG 2018-11-11 19:44:31,468 (Z-Wave): Command_Builder : Build …
  • Re: Controller crash after adding new switch/slider
    Found the problem. It turns out that somehow my Designer account was not linked to the correct Controller MAC address. I'm running Controller on a Rpi and the Controller MAC address was different …
  • Controller crash after adding new switch/slider
    Hello, today I tried to add a new switch/slider (Vera protocol) and when manipulating that switch/slider the app crashes. Everything else works just fine. I tried the panel in the web console and got …
  • Re: Apple IOS 12 – Application crash
    I also have a new problem, possibly related. I have iOS 12 and the app has been working great; today I tried to add a new switch/slider (Vera protocol) and only when manipulating that switch/slider do …

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Dutch Military Police is now piloting a border control solution, receiving notifications when passenger changes or profile flights require additional staff.

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