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  • Recommendation Needed.
    Hi, ORC Need few tips on increasing the efficiency in deploying/Using Open remote. So here are couple of questions which if answered would work wonders to me. which OS is best suited to execute Open R …
  • Re: Pushing assets to the cloud
    Hi Nithin, Not sure I fully understand your question; I know you have managed to successfully go through the HTTP API wiki which is good to here. What you have done so far is run the demo docker compo …
  • Pushing assets to the cloud
    Greetings ORC, I have already created assets linking with cloud API and this is stored in the manager . From a service provider point of view in order to move this into the cloud what are the ways ava …
  • Re: Z-wave stops communication abruptly
    There aren't any issues with the version that I've sent to you. That means there is no need to replace it with the original version. The most recent unmodified version can be downloaded with …

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Dutch Military Police is now piloting a border control solution, receiving notifications when passenger changes or profile flights require additional staff.

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