OpenRemote Manager

OpenRemote Manager 3.0 enables service providers to manage a large number of user accounts, assets and attributes. It offers an account management & ID service, map navigation, an asset and attribute manager, and a rules & notification engine. With the manager you can configure and build large projects, create responsive apps for your end-users, and organize your maintenance tasks. We offer both Commercial Licenses and Professional Consultancy if required.

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Optional Features

OpenRemote Manager offers the following options. We’re happy to discuss what suits your needs best.

Account Management

Create and edit user accounts, managing access to your clients assets and attributes. The basis for the Manager.

Rules & Notifications

Create your own logic and notifications with OpenRemote rules engine. To improve your customer service.

Your own User Interface

Create your own front-end user interface, using our webcomponents, APIs, and consoles for iOS and Android.

Proprietary Protocols or Features

In the OpenRemote manager you can easily create proprietary protocols, offering unique functionality to your client base.

Integration & Consultancy

Do you need support on creating your client project, assistance in setting up your system, or integration with your existing system? We offer professional integration and consultancy services.

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