Manager & Beehive Services

OpenRemote Manager & Beehive Services enables service providers to efficiently manage a large number of Designer accounts or assets. It offers an account management & ID service, map navigation, asset manager, rules & messaging. Of course third party services can be integrated, whether it’s data storage, your CRM system, or another online service. In case you want to tailor individual elements, we offer Commercial Licenses and Professional Consultancy.

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Optional Features

OpenRemote Manager & Beehive services offers the following options. We’re happy to discuss what suits your needs best.

Account Management

Create and edit user accounts, managing access to your clients data and assets. The basis for the Manager. View example

Rules & Notifications

Set alerts, and send of notifications by mail, text, or push notification. To improve your customer service.

Data Hosting & Analytics

Store data local or using a server (SQL & NoSQL), including analytics and graphs View example

Proprietary Protocols or Features

Included in Beehive services is the ability to create proprietary protocols or features, offering unique functionality to your client base.

Integration & Consultancy

Do you need support on creating your client project, assistance in setting up your system, or integration with your existing system? We offer professional integration and consultancy services.

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New version 2.5 released. Now free for private use, educational purpose, and trials.

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